How to Frame a Basement

While most people can appreciate a properly finished basement, many people are unaware of its many benefits. Not only will a properly finished basement add value to your home, but it will also extend your living space. In other words, it can be used as a place for you to host game nights with your […]

10 Ways To Make Your Living Room Look & Feel Bigger

Living in a house with a tiny living room is not everyone’s style but what can you do when the space has already been allocated, it’s not like you can go around casually breaking down walls to add more space. These 10 ways to make your living room look and feel bigger will help you […]

Using Paint Right to Transform Your Home

Few additions transform the interior of your home more than a new coat of paint. Interior paint adds variety, colour, and a touch of your personality to any room. Different interior paint colours can also be a great design tool, making larger rooms feel cozy and smaller rooms feel more spacious. Here’s a few tips […]

Spring Cleaning Myths & Mistakes

Many of us learned our spring cleaning habits growing up. Like other home remedies, for every spring cleaning tip that has served us well over the years is another one that is all smoke-and-mirrors. Here are some common spring cleaning myths and mistakes that either don’t get things cleaned as they should or waste valuable […]

Kitchen Remodelling Ideas

You know you want to do something to make your kitchen look better you’re just not sure what. You may have even stood in the middle of your kitchen and looked at the paint or wallpaper, the linoleum floor or the kitchen cabinets, and considered your options. You know kitchen remodels can be big or […]

Luxury House Plans

Luxury house plans are known for, well, luxury. This typically means lots of square footage including multiple-use living areas, open floor plans, and customised amenities. Luxury house plans can be associated with mansions, but they are far from equivalent. Luxury should be considered less of a style and more of a lifestyle. Luxury house plans […]