Our reputation has earned us the right to be called commercial construction specialists. We offer the full package, such as planning and building services, to furnishing and all other commercial requirements. Our expertise spans many industry sectors and project types; from interior renovation, complete new builds, modern and classic designs.

Amvico excels in its ability to formulate value engineering, initiate change, and facilitate faultless implementations. Let our experienced employees, execute your next project at the highest quality service and timely results, all at a great value. With meticulous attention to detail and the ability to understand the importance of the project timeline, we take a hands-on approach to ensure efficient service in all areas of our work.

We offer bespoke design, planning and building services for all of your commercial needs. Our expertise spans across many industry sectors and types of projects ; from interior renovation to new builds. We are comfortable and confident to abide by formal tendering processes, but we are equally more than happy to take more traditional procurement routes.

We work in collaboration with associates to maintain strong relationships, ensuring better communication and efficient project management. At Amvico, our vast network of resources within the architecture, engineering, and surveying industries are extensive and reliable.

With a full branded fleet of vehicles, branded workmen’s clothing and a commitment to finesse, we are sure to impress any passing onlookers or visitors during the duration of the project. Furthermore, we are happy to work outside of your normal operating hours so your business can continue to run as normal.

We can assist you in the following specialist areas:

β–ͺ Public & Private Sector Contracts
β–ͺ Excavation
β–ͺ Warehouses
β–ͺ Factories
β–ͺ Cafes & Restaurants
β–ͺ Office Blocks
β–ͺ Education
β–ͺ Leisure & Park
β–ͺ Landfills
β–ͺ Concept to Completion
β–ͺ In-House Health & Safety Expertise
β–ͺ Contractors & Public Liability