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10 Ways To Make Your Living Room Look & Feel Bigger

Living in a house with a tiny living room is not everyone’s style but what can you do when the space has already been allocated, it’s not like you can go around casually breaking down walls to add more space. These 10 ways to make your living room look and feel bigger will help you cope with your tiny apartment by creating false perception of space.

  1. Use  neutral and warm colours on the walls

The whiter the shade of colour you decide to go with the larger your room will feel, if you are trying to make your room feel bigger stay away from dark colours on the walls. They do not only compress a space but they can easily overpower the brightness from other furniture, think modernist design and you can never go wrong with white.

  1. Let the outdoors in:

You do not have to throw open all your windows  and take out the blinds. Rather when picking out curtains for your living room, it is better to go with light fabrics because they allow light come into the room without actually being see through so it creates an endless interaction of the outdoors and indoors. Better still skip the curtains all together. 

  1. Go minimalist with the furniture

You already have a small space the last thing you want to do is cramp it up. Even though it may be hard to resist the urge to hang all your precious souvenir pieces and keep away when there is a sale happening in furniture stores, reducing your furniture to only what is needed will create more space and help your room feel bigger. If you already have a lot of furniture, you could give some out, sell it and get some cash, why do you want to have a beanbag you never sit on anyways?

  1. Using mirrors on the walls

Before you go thinking ‘mirrors in a living room? That is nuts’. No it is not nuts and it actually works perfectly, just do not overdo it to avoid your living room looking like it is home to a self-absorbed person. You can lay the mirror horizontally or vertically or better still have it made/cut into a beautiful wall-hung furniture. 

  1. Don’t do centre pieces

Centre pieces look chic and sophisticated but they also take up space and you are trying to create space here. If you must use centre pieces, you could do a collapsible table so that it serves you when you need it and you can tuck it away when you don’t.