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Tips for Landscaping Driveways

It does not matter whether you are living in your forever home, or one that you have every intention of selling sometime down the road, landscaping is a vital part of ensuring that your home looks it’s very best. After all, the exterior of your home is what will either welcome guests and potential buyers in or scare them away. While many people think of this and consider the various ways that they can landscape their front yard, it is quite common for driveways to be overlooked. However, a well-landscaped driveway can completely change the appearance and tone of your property. Here are some great ways to landscape your driveway and make the outside of your home feel warm and welcoming at first glance.

Flower Beds

One great option when thinking of ways to landscape your driveway is to add colourful flower beds along the sides. Doing this will draw people’s eyes away from the driveway itself and towards the rest of your yard. Thus, allowing you to show off your lawn and other flower beds. 

It should be noted, however, if you have a straight driveway and find that your property is primarily dominated by sleek and straight lines, then you may not want to emphasise the straightness of the driveway by planting its edges with straight flower beds.


Another great option is to border your driveway with a wall. Depending on how this is done it can open up a whole bunch of design and style possibilities. A beautiful option with this is to install either an archway or a gate to the wall. This will create a sophisticated and high-end entrance of your property. 

This is an especially stunning option if you have a property that is already bordered by something like a stone wall or a fence.

Large Statement Pieces

If your driveway has a curve to it or splits into two, meeting in front of your door and you are really looking to make a statement, one of the most picturesque options is to install a fountain or large tree to be used as a focal point. Now, this decision really depends on your personal taste and your budget. These are generally not the cheapest options, however, they do make a statement and will definitely catch your guest’s attention.


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