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How to Add Parking Space to a Driveway

Regardless of your reason for needing it, maybe your teen bought their first car, or you are tired of your guests having to search for street parking, a driveway expansion is a fantastic option for increasing the amount of parking space that you currently have. The cost of this project will vary and be dependant on the materials you choose, the size of the expansion and who does the job. While these factors vary by job, here is a brief overview of how you can add parking space to your driveway.

Figure Out What You Need

Sit down and think about how much room you are looking to add to your already existing driveway. How much do you want? How many cars need to park there? The average width of a driveway is between 10 and 12 feet. This allows for comfortable single car parking. However, if you want to park two vehicles side-by-side, you will want to extend the width of your driveway to somewhere between 18 and 21 feet. Other things to consider include the length that you want your driveway to be and how much of your property you are willing to dedicate to parking.

Find Out What You are Allowed to Do

Before deciding on the materials and going ahead and hiring a contractor (or purchasing the materials to do it yourself) it is crucial that you go over your local codes and laws. Don’t get ahead of yourself thinking you know what you can and cannot do without doing your research. Doing so could land you in hot water with your local authorities.

Be Realistic About Your Budget

Do you know what the materials will cost for you to do your driveway expansion? How much does asphalt cost? What about gravel? Are you going to do this yourself? How much time will it take? While these might seem like annoying details to have to go over and figure out, having a driveway expansion done – whether you decide to do it yourself or hire a professional is a costly project. It also takes quite a bit of time. Make sure that you look at your budget carefully and figure out what you can and cannot do. Be realistic about the cost of materials and know that sometimes in order to get the parking you want concessions might have to be made.


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