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Did You Know That You Can Update These Exterior Features with Paint?

With the nice weather upon us, it is not uncommon to catch homeowners daydreaming of doing a major home makeover. However, one of the primary reasons that these dreams don’t come to fruition is the expected cost and undertaking that is involved. That doesn’t have to be the case though, did you know that all you need to handle transform many exterior projects is a coat of paint? Read on for great renovations and upgrades that can be completed with little more than some paint and a paintbrush.

Your Front Door

Aside from the house itself, the first thing people notice when they visit, or even as they walk  by, is the entrance. If you want to give the exterior of your house a new look but a full-on overhaul is too big a job, you might want to consider revitalising your front door with a fresh coat of paint. Now, this is a project that you will likely want to get done by a professional as it is not something that you will want to redo every year. It is crucial to remember that both the application process and the quality of the paint are vital to ensuring you get a smooth finish that won’t peel.

Update Your Siding

It is no secret that siding can start to look drab and faded over time, so painting it is a cost-effective solution. With a fresh coat of paint not only will the curb appeal of your house be increasing, but the lifespan of your siding as well. There are a number of permanent factory-quality paint solutions for aluminium, vinyl and hard-board siding on the market. They are able to give your home exterior a completely new look in just one day. 

Did You Know That You Can Paint Stucco?

A textured surface like stucco will require the special attention of a professional to paint, however, the investment is well worth it. The nooks and crannies of stucco tend to fill with dirt and grime over time, which ends up leaving your home looking less than lovely. By treating and painting stucco, not only will the decade’s worth of dirt will be a thing of the past disappear but the new, vibrant colour will give your home a pop of life.


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