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How to Build a Greenhouse

A greenhouse is a beautiful structure that a lot of people who love gardening and would love to be able to garden year round are interested in building. Greenhouses are designed to produce what is called a microclimate that is ideal for plant growth. The structure can be used to either start plants or house them throughout their life. 

Are you one of the people described above? Do you love gardening? Is to something that you wish you could do all year long? Do you like a particular kind of plant, but it doesn’t traditionally grow in the San Diego climate? Then perhaps you ought to consider building your greenhouse! Now, building a greenhouse is a massive project to undertake; however, it can be done on in a variety of ways and can be completed either by yourself on a budget or by professionals. Here are some critical steps to building your own greenhouse.

Choose Your Location

Okay, it has to be said, once you build a greenhouse it is not easy to pick up and move. For this reason, you will want to make sure that you are building it on land that you own, and that you intend to keep. Whether it is your backyard, or a lot of undeveloped land that you have, choosing the right location is vital.

Choose the Style of Greenhouse You Want to Build

Once you have chosen a location, you can start to plan out your greenhouse. There are a wide variety of different sizes and styles of greenhouse structures that can meet your needs and wishes. Doing your research and choosing what you need your greenhouse to have and how you want it to look is vital as it will determine the functionality and effectiveness of your current and future projects. Each greenhouse structure can be utilised in various ways and are designed for specific applications.  

Choose Your Covering

Choosing the proper coverage one of the most critical steps in creating an active and high-functioning greenhouse environment. There are a multitude of covers, each made with varying materials and thicknesses in order to ensure that the exact coverage that fits your budget and needs. Take some time and do your research as these coverings offer different amounts of weather protection and are designed for different climates. 

Choose Your Hardware and Doors

When researching how to build a greenhouse,  will structure need both entry and exit ways that fit not only with the look that you are going for, but that also align with your specific needs and requirements. There are many door options that come in a number of different colours and sizes. By taking the time to research your choices you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for. 

Selecting the hardware that holds your greenhouse together is another important step. You must be sure that your greenhouse plans include the necessary nuts, bolts, and brackets. This will ensure that your building stays as secure as possible under even the harshest weather conditions. 

Choose Your Heating and Cooling Systems

A common concern when people are building their greenhouse is the ventilation, cooling and heating systems. It is imperative that you include a way to cool your greenhouse to keep plants from overheating.

Just like your greenhouse plans should include information on your system, your plans should also include information on the heating system that you want. After all, you will wish for a suitable growing environment for your plants. There are a multitude of options on the market including propane and natural gas heaters, convection tubing, oil heaters, and water heaters.

Choose Additional Controls (if Necessary)

For the first-time greenhouse builder that is looking into how to build a greenhouse, there is a lot of additional research that ought to be done. This includes all the systems that are used to create a fully functional greenhouse structure. For example, A CO2 Generator can be used to contribute to improved growth for your plants; and an irrigation system can ensure that your plants stay appropriately watered. While not all are necessary depending on what you plan on growing, your schedule and your budget having one or two of these systems in place can go a long way.

Get Building!

Finally, after selecting the necessary materials and equipment that will make up your greenhouse, it is time for you to build the structure. While this might seem intimidating, lots of companies will assist you in this. In fact, a simple Google search will connect you with a plethora of option which can not only provide you with insight as to how to get the job done but also get you your materials and advise you on any questions that you might have. Good luck!


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