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How to Choose the Perfect Pet Door for Your Home

Choosing to install a pet door in your home is one way to remove some of the chaos from your day-to-day life as it provides your canine buddy with the ability to come and go as they wish. But how do you decide on what kind of pet door to get? Here are a few tips to get you started and hopefully guide through your decision making:

Pick Your Budget

Pet doors range in pace and can cost anywhere from £30 to over £600 depending on the size and materials that you are looking at. And, as with most other purchases for your home, there will be additional varying costs – things like who will do the installation? Is it going to electric? How big will it be? It is important to remember that while purchasing a pet door and installing it yourself might seem easy and cost-effective, the reality is that cutting a wire or cutting walls open will end up costing you a lot more in terms of both money, time and stress in the long run.

Choose the Kind of Door You Want to Get

While many people think of the traditional flap style pet door, today there are more options than ever available. Here are the three most common choices:

The Flap Option:

This one comes with no fancy details or frills. It is a flap that is simply made out of screen mesh and does not close tightly or locks. It simply goes against the door or side of your home. Your pet uses the door by simply walking through it.

The Classic Plastic Doors:

These models work a lot like the traditional flap design. Your pet can come and go simply by pushing the door open from either side. The primary difference is that with this model is the rigid design as well as its ability to lock. Being able to lock means that animals and critters won’t be able to get in overnight.

The Electronic or Magnetic Option:

The electronic or magnetic option requires your dog wear a specific collar. This collar will unlock and open the door when your pet approaches. This is the most expensive option of the three.


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