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How to Create a Functional Workspace for Multiple People

Whether you are a start-up business that is working out of a basement or garage or working in a home or satellite office for an established company, your workspace does not have to be limited to only one person. If you take the time to configure the furniture correctly and make use of whatever size space you have – you can easily accommodate two or more people. Here are a few ways that you can create a functional workspace for multiple people.

Make Room for the Necessities

There are a few considerations that remain the same for both offices that are home to one, two or more people. These include things like the placement of electrical outlets in relation to desk placement, the way that doorway placement impacts traffic flow, and the fact that window glare reduces computer monitor visibility. In the majority of situations, each person needs a standard workspace of their own, generally, this means a desk, chair, file cabinet, and (depending on your industry) a visitor’s chair.

Add Storage

When working in a shared space – regardless of how large it is – storage is vital. Try to install shelving at each individual workstation for personal storage. When looking at potential furniture pieces look for things that pull double duty, a coffee table with storage underneath, a bench for additional seating that lifts up.

Use Natural Light

When you are working in a shared space it is easy to find it claustrophobic and stuffy. Because of this, it is important that you make the space feel as large and spacious as possible. One way to do this is to make use of the natural light that flows through the windows. Now, as stated earlier it is important that you are mindful as to how you set up your desks and computers in relation to the sun glare, but having natural light flowing through your office space will not only make it feel lighter but also has an added bonus as it works as a mood enhancer. This can be a great bonus for people who work long hours or in stressful industries.


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