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How to Create an Ambrosial Fragrance Garden

Deciding to spend the time and money to create a fragrance garden is a fantastic way to add some beauty to your outdoor area, provide a great scent for yourself and your guests to enjoy and to attract hummingbirds. An ambrosial fragrance garden generally consists of a wide assortment of different shrubs, plants, and flowers that are within the ambrosia plant family. This plant family is also known as Asteraceae. Many people that live in more urban areas are unfamiliar with what an ambrosial fragrance garden actually is as they tend to be less common in cities. An ambrosial fragrance garden is a delicate gardening technique that can really greatly add to the atmosphere f your home and yard. So, if this is something that you are considering doing, here are some tips on creating an ambrosial fragrance garden.

Be Specific About Where Each Plant Goes

One of the first things that you need to decide when designing a fragrance garden is how many plants you are going to use and how large they will grow to be. For those who opt to use shorter ambrosia plants, a popular option is to elevate their area in the yard by hanging them. They can go in either an elevated planter or a basket. This will allow them to grow to their full size and still allow you to enjoy their wonderful scent.

Plant a Variety of Different Colours

By opting to plant a variety of coloured ambrosia plants, you are increasing not only in the way that your garden will look but how it will smell as well. Gardeners should be aware that plants that have white or pastel coloured flowers often produce a more dominant scent than those with brighter colours. The nice thing is that the ambrosia plant family is made up of so many options, that there really is something for everyone to enjoy both in visual appeal and scent.

Plant Near Walkways

Remember one of the reasons that ambrosial fragrance gardens are so popular is that they smell so lovely. If you decide to plant your garden off in a corner, people will get to see it and appreciate the beauty, however, they are less likely to experience the amazing scents that your plants create. A great option is to plan close to a walkway or path. This will allow both yourself and your guests to enjoy the full effect of your garden.


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