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How to Make an Office Move Go Smoothly

It is unlikely that the office building a company starts out in is the office building that they will be in 10 or 20 years down the line. The cost of rent changes, the number of employees might increase, maybe there is a location that is better suited for what your business does – whatever the reason, odds are the office building you are in now, won’t be the office building that company is in 15 years from now. 

So, how do you take on moving offices without totally disrupting your business? How can you make this a smooth transition and not add a whole lot of stress (and cost) to the task? Here are a few tips to help you make this transition go well while keeping the business going as close to usual as possible.

Make Sure the People that Need to, Understand Why the Move is Happening

In order to find a great new location for your office, you first need to figure out why you are wanting to move in the first place. Maybe the rent at your current location has gone up, maybe your staffing has increased and you need more room, maybe you need at least one other boardroom. Moving your office is a big deal and can come with big risks. In order to make sure that everyone is on the same page, make sure that the people involved understanding why this is happening and why it is happening when it is.

Know Exactly What You Need Your New Office to Have

Before signing anything, or even really looking at what is on the market, you should sit down with your management team and discuss exactly what the new office needs. Doing this is a great step because people from other departments might be able to shed light on things that they deem necessary that you, not working in that area, wouldn’t have thought of.

Check Out Your Existing Inventory

Before you move it is important that you take inventory. this will allow you to know exactly how much stock you have. It is also a good idea to go through and take inventory of all your office supplies, marking down what is and is not used on a regular basis. This will help you know what you need available immediately versus what you can unpack as the days go on.

Don’t Relocate During Your Busy Time

Maybe you work in sports apparel, trying to organise a move during the FA cup finals might not be the wisest move. Just like a children’s clothing store should probably try to avoid moving during the back to school season. While there is no right time to move an office, doing it during times that you know you will be exceptionally busy is simply a bad idea. 

Make Sure to Set up Key Departments First
This might seem obvious, but you would be surprised how often people don’t think about doing this. Prioritise setting up your most vital departments first. That way they can be set up and run while smaller less critical departments are transitioning. 


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