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Pros and Cons to Adding a Hot Tub

Deciding to purchase a hot tub seems to be becoming increasingly more and more appealing to those that are looking to add some flair to their outdoor living area. However, many people are unaware of some of the features (both good and bad) that go along with getting one. For many, the decision comes down to “I want it” without doing any real additional research. So, if you are considering purchasing a hot tub, here are some pros and cons to consider.

Pro: They Can be Very Relaxing

Let’s face it, having a hot tub located mere steps from your back door can add a true element of relaxation and release from your entire home. Unlike those without one, owning a hot tub means that you can literally come home from work and let the frustration and stress of the day melt away. Many people are unaware of the fact that hot tubs also have what is known as palpable healing properties. This is because the warm water can help release stress and relax and loosen muscles.

Con: Purchase Price and Upkeep Cost

Hot tubs are not cheap. In fact, the initial cost of a hot tub can leave many unexpected buyers in complete shock. The reality is that new hot tubs can easily cost several thousands of dollars – and that is for a relatively basic model. If you want high-end with fancy functions, expect to pay even more. There are other additional costs to consider as well. For example, there are the regular amounts of chemicals that will be required in order to keep the water in top condition. 

Pro: Entertainment

If you want to have the party house, the house that everyone from your family to neighbours down the street want to hang out at – a hot tub is the way to go. By adding a hot tub that is large enough for a small handful of people is a fantastic way to entertain and enjoy your outdoor living space. 

Con: Attract Insects

In addition to the costly upkeep, many people go in unaware that having any sort of water feature – hot tub included can and will attract bugs. Similarly, rodents such as mice often find new homes within a hot tub installation. However, this can be prevented by using repelling plants in your surrounding landscaping and adding repellent gel and inserts in your hot tub installation.


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