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Renovation Ideas for a Small Kitchen

When deciding to remodel any room, there are a multitude of factors that have to be considered. What is your budget? What is your design style? Is this a do-it-yourself project, or do you need to hire a professional? What is your timeline? But what happens if you are trying to bring new life to what is often considered to be the heart of the home? What happens when that room is quite small? For homeowners that are looking to remodel their tiny kitchen, there are many ways that they can breath new life into the quaint space and while also making it as functional as possible.

Open the Room Up

Small kitchens can feel those working in it claustrophobic, especially when overhead shelving and cabinets are towering right over your head in cramped quarters. Tight layouts like this can make it difficult for those working in the kitchen to reach what is in the overhead cabinets and leave them feeling coxed in and trapped. If this sounds all too familiar, you might want to consider opening the space up, try removing the boxy top cabinets for open shelving. This will give the room a more airy and spacious feel without cutting down on the rooms oh so essential storage.

Add Glass

One of the easiest ways to renovate a tiny kitchen is by merely incorporating glass where possible. One of the most effective ways that this can be done is by trading traditional top cabinet doors with glass panels. Doing this will enhance the feeling of openness. Another great option is to add a glass table or countertop. If you have outdoor access from your kitchen, consider adding glass doors. This will allow lots of natural sunlight to flow through and add the feeling of space to the initially tight space. 

Another great way that you can incorporate glass in your kitchen is by putting in a glass backsplash or mirrors. Either of these will give the illusion of more usable room, no matter how cramped the space.

Keep Flooring in Mind
Stop and think for a minute, where does our eye go when we walk into a room? If you are like most people, your eyes generally drift downwards towards the floor. For the homeowner, this fact alone can be stressful when you think about all of the scuffs, crumbs, and mess that end up on our kitchen floors every day. But when your kitchen is small, that mess that could easily be missed in a bigger room is going to be all that more noticeable. That is one of the reasons why the flooring in a smaller kitchen is such a critical design factor. 

There are a lot of options out there. However, what you decide will be dependant upon your personal taste and budget. A traditional favourite is  linoleum. This is an option. 

Another popular flooring option is to run hardwood or laminate throughout the kitchen, just as it is running through the rest of the house. This is particularly popular when you have a full door frame between the kitchen the adjoining room(s).

The decision to remodel a quaint kitchen is one that homeowners all over the country struggle with on a regular basis. It is also one that investors and owners of San Diego condos debate on a regular basis. After all, the kitchen is without a doubt one of, if not the most essential room in the house, so updating it to appeal to buyers and renters is vital for anyone considering putting their home or condo on the market. The good news is that regardless of how big or little your kitchen is, there are a number of ways that you can bring new life to it without breaking the bank.


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