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Steps to Take When You are Considering Selling Your Home

When you are getting ready to, or even in the process of, it is important to remember to do a few key things in order to sell our home for top dollar and to make the process go smoothly. Here is a list of key things to make sure you do while selling your home.

Remove the Clutter

Over time we almost naturally accumulate more and more stuff. Be it movies, books, pictures, cd’s, clothes, figurines, whatever it is that you like to buy, or you receive as gifts, it all just builds up, and when you are selling your home it makes the house look small and junky. Unless you have every single thing put away, and hidden from the blind eye, that stuff that you have accumulated over the years has to go. Make your home seem as though it has tons of storage, and more than enough space for everything, even when if it doesn’t.

Update Lighting

The lighting in your house is a key factor when someone is looking to buy, Not only do you want to have as much natural light pouring in as possible, but you want to make the lights throughout the house to look as up to date and stylish too.

Clean Up the Outside

The outside of your home is what will make the first impression on any home buyer. Make sure that the lawn and gardens have been well taken care of, and that the walkways are clean and safe.

Consider Sending the Pets on a Short Vacation

It is really difficult to sell a home when you have pets running around. They shed, they have toys, and they are often loud. If at all possible, sending them on a short vacation to friends or a loved one’s house is a great idea. This will also save you the hassle of having to get them out of the house, and all of their fur swept up before every single showing.

Stage Like a Pro – in Other Words: Rent What You Need

We’ve all been there, you were given a piece of furniture from a family member to help you out, or your boyfriend/girlfriend moved in with their furniture and it doesn’t really go with any of your stuff. If you have furniture that just does not work in the space you are trying to sell, perhaps it is too big, or an awkward colour, or shape, it might be worth considering renting furniture for the time it is on the market. This can be a very affordable alternative to purchasing new, and it can do wonders to liven up the space.

Remember the Little Things

When you are trying to attract buyers to your home it is the little things that really will make it stand out. Make sure that your colour scheme matches, and creates a calm, and welcoming atmosphere. Add a fun element to your house by bringing in pops of colour through accent pieces, and unique designs, make sure that your home smells nice, and that there are no stains anywhere. By taking the time to do these things, the image, and scent of your home will stay with potential home buyers for a longer time, and in a more positive way.


Selling your home is a stressful thing to do. This is your house, you have created a life here, and made thousands of memories, it is normal to feel slightly emotional and stressed out. Just remember that you are moving for a certain reason and that you have done all of the necessary research and steps necessary to make the right choice for your family.


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