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Tips to Remember When Hiring a Contractor

As with any profession, there are contractors that are absolutely amazing. They are excellent at their jobs, hardworking and honest. However, as with every industry, there are some who are not all that great.  So, to help save you some stress and heartache – after all, it is your hard earned money and safety on the line here, read on for a few tips to help you get started when hiring a contractor.

Talk to the People Around  You

This is a tip that people seem to either love or hate, but speaking with your family, friends, and co-workers can be a great way to find out who in the area is known for their great work. If you have neighbours that you know have recently had a renovation done, why not stop by and ask them who they worked with and what they thought. Ideally, you will want to find a contractor who knows your area and the style of home you have as this will increase the likelihood that they will know of any issues that are common with the builder or in your area.  Remember, a contractor who is familiar with the neighbourhood will have an easier time anticipating the types of problems they might run into be it with permits, design or something else.

Do an Online Search

This is often people’s first place to start – and no wonder it is accessible, quick and full of information. The Internet provides sometimes overwhelming amounts of information fast. So why not take a few minutes, go online and see what customers are saying about some of your local contractors?

Visit Your Local Hardware Stores

Another awesome tip is to speak with professionals are your local home improvement and local hardware stores. Odds are the staff there will be familiar with many of your local contractors and will know what kind of jobs they specialise in, the quality of materials they use and who is friendly to work with. This is an option that many people do not think of and is in many ways an untapped resource.


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