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What Does the Term “Rustic Furniture” Mean?

Rustic furniture is a highly popular style of furniture that is made with materials like sticks, logs or twigs in order to achieve a natural look. Many people do not know that the word “rustic” was originally from National Park Service rustic style of architecture. Many artists, companies, and craftspeople specialise in making beautiful rustic furniture that ranges in style and are influenced by a number of contemporary influences. Rustic furniture is often viewed as using recycled and reclaimed materials. Because of this and the general public’s growing interested in saving the environment this style of decor is becoming more and more in-demand.

What Should I Know About the Construction of Rustic Furniture?

Unlike some other kinds of furniture, there are two specific styles of rustic furniture. These are:

  • Bentwood

 Sticks that are harvested either fresh or sticks that are steamed in order to make them supple/ They are then bent into a shapes and structures

  • Twig Work

This refers to sticks that are assembled into various decorative shapes or structures.

It is not uncommon for both types to be used in the same piece of furniture. Some rustic furniture designers also use what is called mortise and tenon construction; while others go the more modern route of screws and nails.

The term rustic furniture is often used to refer to furniture that displays a distinct lack of craftsmanship. Commonly, you will find logs that are minimally or completely untreated being marketed as ‘rustic’ pieces of furniture.

As popular as rustic furniture has become it is commonly either loved or hated by homeowners and designers. For some, the cost becomes a turning point as genuine rustic furniture is quite expensive. This is because of the high-quality woods and the extensive time that it takes to treat the materials and then create the piece.

The unfortunate reality is that price is always a factor, especially when designing or decorating your home. Many people who are working on a limited budget opt for pieces that are simply rustic looking, as these can usually be purchased for a fraction of the price. However, they are not genuine rustic pieces.


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